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Angry Birds Do It Yourself Halloween Costumes
The easiest way to do this Angry Birds and customs, using a cloth. First of all you need to decide which character you want to be. Once you have made the decision to buy fabric, the color of your character. Make sure it is big enough for you.

Now look carefully at the angry bird who wants to make certain that everyone has a different. For example, yellow is a triangle, the red looks a bit like an egg while the other looks like a red circle with a flat bottom.

Once you have done this bird costumes for the children of wrath, cut the fabric in the form of the bird you want to be angry. Make sure the shape is cut perfectly to your body. You can even use a newspaper as a model in the first game and then just cut the fabric when you have perfected the shape and size by using paper or patterned paper.

Cut four characters of the same size. Take two forms and cut a hole around where your face is. Make the hole a little smaller than your face if your face is tight during transport. The hole is usually about half a foot or less from the top of the costume. These two pieces of fabric will be the front part of your costume.

The next thing you need to do is sew the fabric together with the hole in two. Sew in reverse. Make sure you leave a small hole to put a little stuffing later.

Once this is done, take the other two fabric and sew them in the same way you saw the first.

Now take a little joke, like feathers, foam rubber or cotton (a fabric store should have those too!). Then put the stuffing in the material you just sew together. Put enough stuffing until it is plump enough.

You can do the same with the other tissues, but not necessary. I personally think it looks nicer, though! A little heavy when you walk around candy

When they made the stuffing, sew the two materials together. Be sure to leave a hole on each side of your arm to fit

Finally, a sign that you are copying again. Look closely at the eyes and mouth, and other special features. Now, the paper felt is cut to the shape of your face angry Bird. Then use a glue gun to glue on the Angry Birds and costumes for children and adults, which is before you.

That's all there is to it, and now you have yourself a costume bird house angry.
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