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Life is Like Coffee

Frequently we overlook being happy for your little things which make existence fantastic simply because we’re moving prematurely to prevent and also take a break.

The short movie ‘Life is Like Coffee’ beautifully illustrates this point. In this wonderful little gem of a story, the fancy coffee cups represent material pursuits like money, possessions and status, while the drink itself is the real stuff of life. The story reminds us that we sometimes spend so much time worrying about the aesthetics of our lives that we fail to really live.


The irrepressible pop icon Madonna pointed it out in the 80s: We are living in a material world. And the human race does seem to be overly concerned about having the "best” of everything. Logically, we all know that a massive flat screen T.V. won’t make us happier, don’t we? That promotion, while accompanied by prestige and a pay raise, comes with greater responsibility and anxiety. That big house, gorgeous as it may be, comes with equally large mortgage repayments.


Jobs, money, houses, possessions are all like cups, which are merely "the tools to hold and contain life.” It seems to be inherent within all of us to crave for the finer things in life, especially when we are bombarded by images of them all day long, but we should try to remember that the important things in life cannot be purchased.


As the film beautifully states, "the type of cup we have does not define nor change the quality of life we live.” If we want to enhance our quality of life, we need to concentrate on the coffee, not the cup.


Remember, the best things in life aren’t free…they’re priceless.

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