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New type of metal powder coating
The traditional metal powder coatings by dry mixing, inorganic parcels, Bonding technology, there has been more technical problems. Compared with liquid coatings, powder coating of metal on metal paint spraying and curing time when the environment is not surrounded by the liquid solvent, leading to the following types of metal powder coatings FAQ: the rate of metal powder pigment and powder coating on the different color is not caused by stability, and recovery of pink color difference is too large to use; metal pigment is not wrapped, corrosion resistant coating is poor, especially in outdoor applications will soon be dark; curing color arrangement of metal poor; the amount of added metal pigments too much will cause the coating film is not thick hair, so the metal can not be a high degree of brightness and metallic flash.

In short, due to a variety of the technology, many products are still only be able to use liquid paint coating, severely limits the development and application of powder coatings. Scientist for a series of metal powder supplier coatings research issues, using the latest nanotechnology and colloid chemistry of new technology, metal and pearlescent pigments with nano-materials to nano-package, so that it has a special stability and compatibility with the resin, years of hard work, made a series of innovations to achieve a revolutionary technological breakthrough. Ultra-fine metal powder coating MetafineTM, successfully resolved all of the traditional lack of it, completely change the status quo, leading the formation of unique advantages:

Coating surface is very smooth and clean, ultra-fine powder and nano-technology, new technology to prepare it does not exist coarse hair and the phenomenon of incomplete film, completely changed the powder coating of the status quo.

With superior performance, small color, recycled powder can be used, the coating process more stable. As the traditional metal paint live performance difference, making recovery of the metal powder pigment content changed a lot, often difficult to use. This new technology to produce the metal pigment and resin with the same live performance, recovery of powder color is very small, completely recycled, and the chromatic aberration to a minimum, the cost is greatly increased.

Lower coating costs exponentially. As the use of ultra-fine powder of the technology, manganese powder can achieve very thin coating thickness, while recycled powder can be reused, there is no chromatic aberration, resulting in improved quality, improved production stability at the same time, greatly reduce the overall cost of painting.

Flash can be high degree of effectiveness and high brightness metallic coating. The use of traditional techniques, adding the amount of metal pigments are generally not more than 4%, or severe thick dry coating, which is difficult to get traditional methods and high-brightness high degree of metal flashing effect. This technology can add up to 15% -20% of the pigment content of the film remains flat, boron powder the effect has been very good metal coating. In other words, it can be almost any liquid preparation to preparation of metallic coatings, including high brightness and high degree of metallic flash.

Metal coating greatly increased corrosion resistance, it has a serious flaw is that the metal coating pigments in the air quickly oxidized black. Hui Xu of the new technology of nano-metal inorganic pigment layer of the whole package, silicon powder so that it has a very stable and gloss and color performance, able to maintain the same long black. This new technology can even be completely prepared for high levels of resistance to acid-base pearl products.

Metal powder coating of the invention of new technologies, a lot of painting directly address technical problems, to further promote the new technology on automobile coil powder coating powder coating and full implementation, are of great significance.
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