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Technology that is changing our life
If I had the resources I have now, I could have done brilliant stuffs. At least I could have made my life little more interesting and meaningful. As I'm seeing now, with the help of high speed connectivity, our world is transforming at a good pace. Google has transformed and have penetrated to territories vast and fruitful. Knowledge now has no bound and roots have spread out not only to provide information; but also to tap the local valuable information.
Facebook, which is another phenomenon, has also transformed the way people connect and stay close. Now I see families having their own group where there share their pictures, their home videos and their views and they organize get together and a lot more. Twitter has helped to save lives and spread information to the farthest reach and make a worldwide connection of news and information.

I have experienced funny things like my mom calling me for breakfast via Facebook. That is a thing which confuses me on whether it is a nice thing or not so. Has technology created a divide in relations I wonder? It is put to debate; but for me I think it is ok if we have love for our parents and in some way we connect. It doesn't matter if it is facebook or twitter as long as we are there for them.

I have seen productivity increase because of this sweet technology outbreak and as a result the first thing a school kid would when given an assignment is google it with the key word "wikipedia". It is a very positive sign that students are willing to go beyond their text books in search of knowledge. Instead of becoming book worms, students are becoming aware of the latest technologies and keeping up-to-date of the latest technology out there.

People have all the information that they want and now a days we don't need media to tell us what is right and what is wrong. We have developed a sense and understandings to find the truth by ourselves. I just hope that revolution goes about and bring us together and educate us further to the extent that we can have a good living and share that with our fellow brothers. For me, it is never late to male use of the gifts of technology. When used in the right way, it will always make our lives better.
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